Heater and Air Conditioner Replacement

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Central Heating and Furnace Replacement from We Care

We Care’s Air Central Heating and Furnace Installation process has been recognized both Nationally and Regionally as performing at the very highest level. Southern California Edison, as well as our industry organization “Air Conditioning Contractors of America” (ACCA), have honored We Care with their prestigious “Contractor Of The Year” awards. These awards are given to companies who follow the strictest industry guidelines and “best practices” to the benefit of the customers who contract our services.

These accreditations and awards are a by-product of the total commitment of We Care management to providing the most knowledgeable and educated installation technicians our industry offers. Lennox Air Conditioning recently presented We Care with their National “Continuing Education” Award. We couldn’t be more proud!

Are you experiencing these issues?

If your furnace or central heating system is making odd noises, has been taking longer than normal to heat up, or your utility bills have increased out of nowhere it can be a sign that your heating system is in need of service, repair, or replacement. While furnace and central heating system maintenance, repair, or replacement is the last thing most homeowners want to think about, it is best not to procrastinate as this can lead to significant worsening of underlying problems which can increase the cost of future repairs.

Repair or Replace?

The decision to repair or replace your furnace/central heating system is a big one. There are many things to take into consideration when contemplating whether to repair, replace, or simply maintain your current heating system. If your system is less than 10 years old and has been working without issue but lately has become less efficient or noisy you may be able to get on a regular maintenance schedule that can get your heating system back on track without replacing the entire unit. On the other hand, if your system is more than 10 years old it may be time to look at newer units. One of the reasons it is a good idea to look at newer systems every 10 years or so is that more efficient units come out regularly and the reduction in energy bills may help offset the cost enough to make a new unit a clear choice.

We Care will provide honest, insightful and relevant answers to your questions, as they pertain to making an informed decision on whether to replace and/or repair your existing furnace and heating system.