Heating and Air Conditioning System Rebates and Tax Credit Savings

Only $99 drain cleaning for any drain in the home! Call us at 1-800-COOLING to find out more.

Energy Upgrade California Up to $4,050 for HVAC System

We’ve strategically aligned ourselves with Energy Upgrade California to offer the greatest incentives towards energy efficient HVAC systems available today. Upgrading to an improved HVAC system will benefit your home and your family, and add to your comfort. With this amazing rebate we can likely help you receive up to $4,050 back from the purchase of a new central A/C or furnace.

Southern California Edison Rebate

We Care maintains a very high standard for A/C and Furnace installation. This quality allows our company to offer SCE’s top-tier rebate while many of our competitors cannot. That’s right, we’ve went the extra mile to save you more! Up to $850 more cash back on the purchase of an improved Central A/C or furnace!

SDGE Rebate

Reduce your electric bill and add comfort to your life with SDG&E’s upgrade rebate. Receive cash back on your central A/C replacement or furnace replacement to the tune of up to $1,250 rebate for replacing to a qualified HVAC system.

Free Diagnostic Call

We Care offers a HVAC and plumbing maintenance package that exceeds the industry standard. We’d like for you to give it a shot! We’ll gladly offer to waive your HVAC diagnostic fee by purchasing an HVAC and plumbing maintenance membership.

Preferred Maintenance:

  • Extends Furnace Lifespan
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Ensures Reliability
  • Includes Free Diagnostic

Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. Please call for details.

Gas Company Rebate $200 Towards a Furnace

Install a qualified energy efficient furnace and save up to $200 from The Gas Company.
Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. Please call for details

Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

$69 /Tune-Up, safety inspection, clean, and check. Purchase this special offer and have peace of mind knowing that your system will operate safely, reliably, and efficiently for this upcoming cold weather season!

  • 40+ Point Inspection
  • Extend Furnace Lifespan
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Ensure Reliability

Manufacturer Rebates up to $1,350 towards HVAC installation

Eligible homeowners may claim manufactures rebates up to $1,350 for qualified HVAC systems.
Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. Please call for details

Professional Duct Cleaning or Attic Insulation for $50 Off!

$50 off professional duct cleaning or attic insulation. Breathe cleaner healthier air and reduce your energy bills! Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. Please call for details

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