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The HERO Program Can Help You Increase Your Home’s Value.


The HERO Financing Program provides homeowners a unique opportunity to make home energy improvements through property tax financing. Benefits include 5-20 year terms, tax-deductible interest, transferability when the property is sold and consumer protections. Learn more at heroprogram.com.

The HERO Program has unique features:

  1. Borrow up to 10% of your home’s value with non credit-based approval
  2. Low interest rates and payments are made as part of your property taxes
  3. Tax deductible financing; Utility bill savings can potentially cover your payments.

If you sell your property before the balance is paid, the new owner can assume the remaining payments. On top of this great program, you may qualify for an Edison rebate up to $1750 and a manufacture rebate up to $1000.

We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air is proud to have completed over 400 Edison rebates without failure. Please call us at (951) 600-0700 to take advantage of these low cost purchasing programs and rebates while funding is available.