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Indoor Air Comfort Systems From We Care Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Solar

We Care provide for total indoor comfort. Russ Cochran founded We Care, formerly WC, in 2000, and since then we’ve developed and outstanding reputation for air quality improvement. We offer a number of solutions improve your home’s atmosphere:

  • air duct cleaning.
  • air duct sealing.
  • de-humidification system installation.
  • humidification system installation.
  • indoor air purification system installation.
  • zoned heating and air conditioning system installation.

We Care for Your Home’s Air Quality

We Care provide a number of products and services to improve the air quality in your home. At the bare minimum, you must keep your air filters clean.  Clean air filters improve air quality. clean filters reduce the strain on your HVAC system which results in lower utility cost.

Indoor Air Purification System Installation

Install an air purification system to kill harmful particles before they enter your home. Air purification is the most absolute way to breath clean air at home.  Purification systems can be installed rather quickly by our team of respectful professionals. Air purification works by filtering air through UV light before it enters your home.  The UV light kills air-born bacteria and viruses.

Indoor Humidification Control

Controlling the humidification level in your home is very important. This is especially tru for those with serious health issues. Even less serious conditions such as constant nosebleeds and dry skin can be prevented with humidification control at home. We Care offer whole-house humidification control that connects to your HVAC system. Whole-house humidification control provides freedom to walk around the entire house in comfort, not just a particular room.

Energy Savings Of Zoned HVAC Systems

Zone controlled HVAC systems provide for total comfort and help you cut back on energy costs.  Zoned HVAC systems keep individual rooms in your house set at the perfect temperature. This makes your home’s common areas more comfortable while preventing lesser used areas in your home from consuming so much energy. A lesser known fact is that consistently changing temperatures, aka “riding the thermostat”, is a huge expense at home or in an office setting.